CBD Merchant Account

For Immediate Application 


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We guarantee the lowest rates in the Industry

At Integrity, we let YOU choose your pricing... 
 Flat Rate- 2.95% + $.10 per transaction or Interchange Plus- 1.5% + $.10 per transaction

Interchange is the rate that card brand companies charge merchants when customers use their card to make purchases. This rate fluctuates depending upon the card type (debit card, credit card, rewards card, or business card). 

  • No setup fees
  • No application fees
  • No integration fees
  • No cancellation fees

A new reliable CBD payment solution.

No set up fees- No Application fees- No integration fees- No Cancellation Fees 
Work with us because you want to, not because you have too!

  • Domestic (US) merchant account 

  • Easy approval (no crazy documents needed like lab results, etc.) 

  • In most cases, there’s no reserve (based on owners credit and financials) 

  • High approval ratios and lower declines  

  • 2-5 business days required for total setup

  • Deposits made into your bank account within 48 hours of batch out 

Get a solution that works.

OTHER CBD/Hemp Merchant Processing Solutions Usually Charge the Following Fees:

Let's Compare

 ➢ Rates between 4.95%- 8.95% 
    – with Integrity: Average 2.5%-4% 

 ➢ Setup fees $195- $1,000 
    – with Integrity: No Setup Fee

 ➢ Application fees $300- $500 
    – with Integrity: No Application Fee 

 ➢ Integration fees $250- $450 
    – with Integrity: No Integration Fee 

 ➢ Cancellation fees $495 - $795 
   – with Integrity: No Cancellation Fee

 ➢ Annual fees $199- $299 
    – with Integrity: $99 Annual Fee 


Full transparency of monthly fees:

   ➢ $10 Standard account maintenance fee

   ➢ $20 Standard service fee 

   ➢ $9.95 Standard fee for PCI compliance 
      – Removed once compliant

   ➢ Gateway fees- Varies(eCom platform)
      – Authorized.net $25 mo. fee + $0.15
         (per transaction)
      – NMI $15 fee + $0.10
         (per transaction)

 Per Occurance Fees:

   ➢ $35 chargebacks/$25 return item fee

   ➢ $.05 per authorization

   ➢ $99 Annual fee 

   ➢ $225 Retail store card machine

100% Transparency

Learn about Integrity

At Integrity, we treat our clients/merchants how we want to be treated – with honesty and respect. 
Our foundation is based on transparency. And we make it a priority to openly communicate with our clients. 

What you can expect from us is:  

Transparent info on merchant account
➢ Pricing models that are fair
➢ Excellent customer service
➢ Personalized communications


 CBD/Hemp products are on the prohibited list with most other processors and other third-party payment facilitators like Square, PayPal and Stripe, which means they do not allow CBD/Hemp product transactions to be processed on their platforms. When these processors and/or payment facilitators catch on to a merchant selling CBD/Hemp products on their platform, they will immediately shut the account down and possibly withhold funds for up to 6 months (possibly longer). Additionally, merchants run the risk of then being put on the MATCH List, which means the merchant will be blacklisted and unable to get a new merchant account.
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